Love in the Shadow of HIV

Author: Helena Prawer de Korkin

Director: Helena Prawer de Korkin

Theater - forum for young people, parents and teachers.

Capacity: up to two hundred people, unless the majority are adults.

One hour drama, with a following immediate discussion and evaluation. The debate is moderated by an expert in the topic.

We recommend a closed area where interruptions and disturbances do not occur. The piece is performed by voice to build a concentrating atmosphere.

The couple is united again after a year separated. It is a young, attractive and even funny comedy. But the story only gets more complicated, and derives in a drama, perhaps fatal, because of the neglect of proper risk behavior.

With this message: "To me it can also happen."

This work was carried out over five years in the theater prevention campaign "PRETEA" of Government of the Canary Islands, in all seven islands and schools, theaters and clubs of the archipelago.

It was also presented at the Tenth National Medical Congress of HIV in Spain, in Donostia - San Sebastian.

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