Anna and the life

Author: Helena Prawer de Korkin

Director: Helena Prawer de Korkin

Theater against anorexia

Work for youth and their families. Closed room, without microphones.

It takes about an hour, plus immediately afterwards a debate Capacity: 200

A girl that is not the only one who suffers from the typical complexes of adolescence: insecurity, low self-esteem, fear and rebellion.

She falls into the misleading and false fashion which is to believe in the beauty in extreme slimness. She is becoming weaker and her health being critical boundaries life and death.

The family and the school are unable to give a response to this social evil. Spain and the Canary Islands are, sadly, at the top of this bad and unhealthy fashion.

This play was presented very successfully in front of students including educational, social and health authorities. First, it was presented in the theater Guimera and then in various educational centers of the Canary Islands.

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