No more flowers

Author: Naomi Ackerman

Translation: Helena Prawer of Korkin

Director: Helena Prawer of Korkin

Officially award-winning theater play for the fight against violence against women.

It is a female monologue for approximately one hour. It raises awareness and viewing of violence against women: contempt, insults, threats, beatings...

This piece traveled around the world. It was performed in different continents more than 1000 times. It was translated, adapted to our Canary Islands. In order to publish it in October 2009.

Function for non-big audience: adults, young and old. Closed room.

This is a story, but it reflects the real lives of many - and many deaths - It shows excited feelings of subjugation, of shame and hidden fear. Feelings which unfortunately does not always understand our society.


Opinions about the play: “Basta de flores”(”Enough flowers”)

Jose Antonio Batista Medina, Deputy of the Spanish Government in Tenerife:

“The administration Representatives: of the State, of the” Instituto Canario de Igualdad” (“Canarian Institute of Equality”) and the” Cabildo de Tenerife” have agreed to grant the aforementioned distinction (…) by the performances aiming at eradicating the violence against women.”

Isabel de Luis Lorenzo, “Instituto Canario de Igualdad”:

“My sincere greeting Card for the representation of the play:” Basta de flores”, a valid way of prevention and awareness (…) we encourage them to continue with this type of performances allowing us to fight against gender violence in all scopes.”

Josefa Garcia, Consejera insular de Juventud, Educación e Igualdad (Director of Insular Youth, Education and Equality), Tenerife:

“I wish to congratulate you for your work , it is very important to fight against the male violence and know it from all points of view .(…) because the story is told by the victim itself the public is touched immediately.”

Julieta Martin Sa, Director of the”Unidad Orgánica de la Violencia de Género” (“Organic Unity of Gender Violence”) from the “Instituto de Atención Social y Social Sanitaria”(“ Institute of Social Attention and Social Sanitary”) from Cabildo de Tenerife:

“We encourage them to continue with the performances of this play like a way to raise awareness in society”.

Georgina Molina Jorge Directora (Headmistress) IES, Cabo Blanco:

“The staff want to congratulate the Teatrapa Company (…) it was doubly useful: we worked against male violence (…) and the students were brought together with the world of drama. It was a rewarding experience.”

Miguel Angel Méndez Fernández, Director de Educacion y Cultura (Director of Education and Culture):

“(TEATRAPA)…address topics of education in values brilliantly (…) they are experts in the transmission of messages and providing opportunities for reflection. “

Comunidad Educativa (Educational Institute) IES, Los Cristianos:

“(…) (the students) restless at first, was then completely spellbound. They show as the current reality about the physical and psychological aggression.”

“ Our most sincere congratulation to Teatrapa Company.”

Carlos David Hernández Moreno, (student high school) IES, Los Cristianos:

Opinions about the play: “realistic and painful.”

“They talk openly without fears about issues that others do not dear to tell. Because of the play I could see that there are too many cases like this(…) abuse against woman (…) the society looking away (…) the attempt to change society(…)of course this play will help a lot!

Egon Friedler, critical journalist of Drama, Montevideo, Uruguay.

“Basta de Flores” is the best and most moving piece that we have seen about domestic violence”


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