The path of the magician

The new little sister of "Puppets in concert".
Black theater with puppets, music and surprising light movements.


The protagonist is at the same time apprentice and master of himself.

The theater play is presented in four stages of life: childhood, youth, old age and transformation.

The same as each person the protagonist has the opportunity to find the magic in himself and to transform or not.

He tries to find the inner teacher. It works: his mind (reason), sensitivity (emotion) and body (action) to use the power of things.

In childhood, from birth to puberty, it is a work of energy, growth and learning.

Feelings arrive in youth and intelligence in adult age. But with passion, outbursts, and anxiety.

Finally, in the third step, we show the same character, who learned about working on itself, he has realized his nature, and is free. One with the universe, so that he ends the cycle of evolution.

The music that accompanies the whole spectacle of color and movement, is a selection of passages from famous works such as Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Schubert and other immortal authors, rhythms of ballet, symphonies and operas.

Some also arranged in salsa and jazz. The whole piece offers children an approximation to the music and its appreciation. From Polonaise dance to universal dances. La Campanella, Flight of the Bumblebee and other historical pieces with Carmina Burana.

Puppets in concert

From the artistic association "Replica" nominated to the best children's show in 2011!


Sol Ducatenzeiler
Asahel Ducatenzeiler
Gabriela Lauria
Yuya Sosa
Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Funny universal musical collage, without words, with a good number of world-known fragments of opera, symphony and ballet. Puppets that sing and dance, under very recognizable melodies of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and other modern popular composers.

45 minutes black theater and dancing lights in the theater, without being distracted for a single moment.

Appraisal of the play: ”Puppets in Concert”

CEP, Maximiliano Gil.

Director and specialist in Musical Education, Marioli Coello.

“It was a lovely show, full of color and imagination. The music choice was ideal and involved the children of different ages without any problem. The cloister of teachers thinks that their plays have a big quality and the productions are high category. We are very happy and satisfied. We hope to meet them again. We don´t want that our students lose the chance to see a show as well done like this.”

CEP, Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura)

“The play was great. The teaching staff left the theater very happy, even more the students. The effects of the lights together with the music made a real show.”

CEP, Tenerife Sur

“The appreciation about the play has been very positive. Students, teachers and parents enjoyed a lot, and they had a great time.”

CEP, Icod de los Vinos

“Congratulations to Teatrapa Company. They were great as always. “

CEP, Los Llanos de Aridane( La Palma)

“Everything went well. The students and the teachers felt happy and surprised. We began 10 minutes later because one bus was delayed, but it was not a problem because Sergio used the time to be with the public.”

CEP, La Gomera

“Just a few words to say: “Puppets in Concert “was successful. I´m sorry I couldn´t enjoy it. We asked all the school principals who attended about it, their answers were wonderful. They loved it! Everything went well. Despite the age of the children, they behaved well and they liked it. We hope that Teatrapa has found everything nice and gone happy. Thank you very much for this initiative.”

CEP, Gran Tarajal ( Fuerteventura)

“Students and teachers received the show with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The public was really involved. Teachers congratulated us for the preparation and the start-up of the play. The students participated a lot they expressed openly their emotions and feelings. Everything nicer you can think!”



The story Teatrapa

Within a magical library, the characters of the books come into our world, and their stories are mixed together. Actors and puppets interact with complicity with the group of children’s.

The audience finds itself back, in front of living and funny images from these books.

A caregiver is trying to impose strictness and discipline, but the dolls take the actions as they want. Clear passages of color, movements, and music.

It will create various funny situations of friendship, rejection of inequality and coexistence.

And a love is also formed. With sweet songs.

And the happy ending leaves a message to the understanding, non-violence, equality and sensitivity.

The piece is directed to kindergartens and primary schools.


Author: Adela Basch

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Child Parody of the masterpiece of Cervantes. Suitable for salons or outdoor.
Suitable for children from the age of 5 to 6 years
Duration about 50 minutes.

Familiarize children’s with characters like Don Quixote, Sancho and Dulcinea, the Mirror Knight, Rocinante, donkeys and other animals.
This piece is very comfortable for children’s. It promotes reading as an enjoyable and enriching entertainment.
It presents emotional musical moments with the support of black theater scenes and colored dance.

Without camels, there are no three kings

Author: Walter Lascialanda

Music: Daniel Garcia

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler


Sweet Child Parody suitable for December and January, before the 3 Holy Kings come from house to house.

The characters are lovable and seductive marionettes.

The three holy kings miss the old days where the houses were low and open, with gardens, fountains and rivers.

Today, modern constructions make them life not easy, to access with their camels and heavy bags into the houses.

So many stairs and elevators as enclosed in a cage.

Excessive high buildings, tall chimneys, shutters, secure doors, traffic, roads, fences...

Funny dialogues and sweet songs, original developed for this work, which holds an unexpected musical ending.


Author: Adela Basch

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Extension of "Quijotito" for large auditorium, with musicians and dancers on stage, along with actors and puppets. It may take an hour or more.


Author: Helen Prawer de Korkin

Music: Daniel Garcia

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Hunted and persecuted by human cruelty, the dog, the cat, the Cock and the Lion, tell mutually there sad life. The life in which they were pursued, beaten and threatened.

Of the group born friendly ideas of cordial cooperation.

It takes about 45 minutes. Suitable for salons or outdoors, for children 5-9 years.

The message of the piece is a partnership in equality, a transformation of an old circus where it was lashed to model promises of a friendly new life.



Christopher Columbus

Author: Adela Basch

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Canary version of the original book "Columbus, traveling at any price".

For small Kid 5-10 years. Suitable in a theater or outdoors.

With the participation of many different dolls: Columbus, kings and queens, citizens, sailors, fishes and birds.

The diagram shows the effort and perseverance of the discoverer of America, who has achieved his purpose, despite the difficulties.

The crossing to America with uncertainty and storm thrill the audience with a lively and funny story.



A special gift

Author: Adela Basch

Music: Daniel Garcia

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler

This play is recommended for December until Christmas Eve, to small children’s of about 7 or 8 years old.

You will see Santa Claus and his elves in the preparation of the gifts for the silent night.

An inopportune wind scatters messed up the shipping labels, because of the urgency, the packages come to the wrong addresses.

- "You have not brought me what I liked."

After the surprises and disappointments, the puppets find a way that recipients receive the correct package.

The message is: the joy of giving, that everyone gets the gift he wanted. It shows the joy of giving to others. And to think not only of themselves.

It can be shown in theaters or in the open air. Duration about 40 minutes.

It can optionally also come Santa Claus at the end of the play and take the wishes of the children.



Take care; otherwise you will be cached by fast food

Authors: Adela Basch and Liliana Sosa 

Music: Daniel Garcia

Director: Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Funny musical comedy in one act, with puppets and actors.
Suitable for children and families. Takes about 40 minutes. Indoor or outdoor.
Between dialogues and songs, it is leaving a clear message of healthy eating and nature conservation.

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