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"The path of the Magician"

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Theater plays

Without camels, there are no three kings

Theater plays

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History We tell our story

The Spanish company TEATRAPA Plus has presented successfully theater plays in the smallest school rooms to the largest theaters of the Canary Islands.

Our theatre plays were presented in the Auditorium of Santa Cruz, Las Palmas, La Laguna, and San Sebastián de La Gomera; Sauzal, Candelaria, Los Realejos, Adeje, Arafo, Arico, Arona, Granadilla, Guimaras, Guia de Isora, Santiago del Teide, and many more scenarios.

TEATRAPA participates actively in numerous festivals of the cities and towns, neighborhoods, schools, and various associations.

We also have visited the international Children's Book Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as the Book Fair in Seville. Our performances with actors, puppets, and stories always leave a message of freedom, equality, love, cooperation and justice.

Each piece is accompanied by exclusive and singable music that after the theater play the audience still has in the ear.

Our theater campaign on the prevention of HIV, and other sexual transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies was introduced by the Government of the Canary Islands in the project "PRETEA". So we presented our campaign in all schools of the seven Canary Islands. With a full acceptance of 99% of parents, teachers and students, this is statistically proofed. In the tenth Doctor Spanish Congress on HIV, we have also presented our piece.

Every season we improve our works and expand our repertoire

Cast members

  1. Actors
  2. Author
  3. Puppets
  4. Music
  5. Directors
  6. Management
  7. Press
(Ordered alphabetically by surnames))

  • Irene Álvarez
  • Isabel Bolívar
  • Asahel Ducatenzeiler
  • Sergio Ducatenzeiler
  • Sol Ducatenzeiler
  • Miguel Ángel Granados Martínez
  • Gabriela Lauria
  • Miguel Ángel López Melo
  • Yuya Sosa
  • Adriana Zalma
  • (Ordered alphabetically by surnames)

  • Naomi Ackerman
  • Adela Basch
  • Helena Korkin
  • Haydée Da Coba
  • Daniel García Bisio
  • Youth and adult repertory
  • Helena Prawer de Korkin

  • Children repertory
  • Sergio Ducatenzeiler
  • Spain: Concepción Angela Campili
  • Germany: Yuya Sosa
  • Andrés Julio Farenga
  • News


    • 26th, 27th and 28th January at Fuerteventura: "Quijotito"
    • February 2nd at the cinema theater Los Realejos: "El sendero del Mago"
    • February 8th, in the auditorium of El Sauzal: "El sendero del Mago"
    • April 2nd and 3rd in El Hierro: "Quijotito"
    • April 10th at the Auditorium of Los Cristianos: "El sendero del Mago"
    • April 24th in La Gomera: "Quijotito"
    • April 25th in the auditorium of the capital of San Sebastian de la Gomera: "Títeres en concierto"

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    Telefon/Phone: (+34) 922 79 80 72
    Telefon/Phone: (+49) 30 21971157

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    Circuito Insular de Teatro y Danza de Gran Canaria

    Pueden contratarnos a través de:
    Circuito Canario de Artes Escénicas “Canarias Cultura en Red”
    Cabildos y Ayuntamientos
    Circuito Insular de Teatro y Danza de Tenerife (IDECO)
    Circuito Insular de Teatro y Danza de Gran Canaria
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